You can find on this page the Croatia geographical map to print and to download in PDF. The Croatia geographic map presents the topography, elevation, rivers, mountains, climate and physical features of Croatia in Southern Europe.

Croatia physical map

Physical map of Croatia

The Croatia physical map shows landform and geography of Croatia. This geographical map of Croatia will allow you to discover physical features of Croatia in Southern Europe. The Croatia physical map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

At the borders with Hungary on Croatia physical map, one benefits from vast expanses (plains) of Croatia physical map. Did you know that there were more than a thousand islands off Croatia? On the Adriatic physical coast of Croatia, there are hundreds of small islets all along the coast. In the center of the Croatia physical map, we have a beautiful range of mountains. The Dinaric Alps are rocky.

Coastal region of physical Croatia on Croatia physical map, between the Kvarner Gulf to the north and the Montenegrin coast to the physical south of Croatia. Narrow coastal and insular fringe of a thick mountainous bead, Dalmatia juxtaposes a Mediterranean margin to an essentially continental of physical Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose winters, however, experience cold bursts due to the northeastern wind, the bora.

The territory of physical Croatia on Croatia physical map forms a kind of boomerang. Croatia physical map includes the eastern Pannonian plains of Slavonia, between the Sava, the Drava and the Danube, then a mountain center that joins the Istrian peninsula to the west. Dalmatia on Croatia physical map, extends the country southward along the jagged Adriatic physical coast.

Croatia topographic map

Map of Croatia topography

Croatia topographic map shows the physical features of Croatia. This topographical map of Croatia will allow you to discover landforms and geographical of Croatia in Southern Europe. The Croatia topographic map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Welcome to Buzet of topographic Croatia on Croatia topographic map, the city of truffles! The unique taste of this underground mushroom of topographic has attracted visitors for years. The white and black truffles that grow in the woods around Buzet on Croatia topographic landscape, are a real delight, reaching the peaks of gastronomy.

The old town of Poreč (Poręche) of Croatia topographic landscape on Croatia topographic map, is on a peninsula, having belonged for more than 500 years to the Republic of Venice it has been at any level very influenced by it. Today Poreč in Croatia topographic landscape, is especially famous for its Euphrasian basilica in Croatia topographic landscape which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, obligatory visit.

Thanks to its geographical location and Croatia topographic landscape, Rovinj of Croatia on Croatia topographic map, is also an ideal base for sailing to the Kornati Islands, sailing in the south of the topographic landscape of Croatia and visiting the Brijuni National Park. Exploring this small town of Croatia topographic landscape is a simple walk, but if you do not want to miss the best, start with the main places of interest.

Croatia elevation map

Map of Croatia altitude

The Croatia elevation map shows the different altitudes of Croatia. This altitude map of Croatia will allow you to know where are the highest and lowest regions of Croatia in Southern Europe. The Croatia elevation map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Dinara on Croatia elevation map, is located near the town of Knin, in the northern part of Croatia. With Croatia elevation of 1831m, it is the highest peak in Croatia. Dinara is part of the mountain range on Croatia elevation map also known as "Dinara" whose highest point is in Bosnia-Herzegovina under the name of Troglav, and this massif is itself part of the Dinaric Alps, a mountain chain that crosses most of the Balkan countries on Croatia elevation map.

An approach to Croatia by the elevation of mountains on Croatia elevation map. This is the idea of this 8-day course on Croatia elevation map, to take a little height and from the top of the peaks of Croatia elevation or steep cliffs, enjoy, as a reward for our efforts, magnificent views of the entire Dalmatian coast; its innumerable islands and islets scattered in this deep blue. Because the mountain ranges in Croatia elevation are never very far from the sea.

The calcareous mountains of the Adriatic coast in elevation of Croatia on Croatia elevation map, offer remarkable karstic landscapes, with poles framed by parallel NWS chains, while in Bosnia and western Serbia the deep valleys of the Sava are embedded in granites and serpentines of Croatia elevation map. The highest mountains on Croatia elevation map, like Durmitor and Prokletije [more than 2,500 m of elevation] have glacial forms.

Croatia rivers map

Map of Croatia rivers

The rivers in Croatia map shows the principal rivers with their names of Croatia. The rivers map of Croatia will allow you to find the main rivers which flow in and through Croatia in Southern Europe. The Croatia rivers map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The Danube on Croatia rivers map, crosses or borders successively on its two banks of rivers ten countries, from its sources in the Black Forest (Germany, Land of Baden-Württemberg) to the end of its delta (Romania, Dobrogea and Ukraine, Odessa Oblast) and his encounter with the Black Sea. Seven of these countries now belong to the European Union like Croatia.

The Sava on Croatia rivers map, may be in the shadow of the Danube, the largest river of the rivers of the world, but once again it has gained a prominent place in southeastern Europe. The Sava River is home to many species of birds and fish. It waters many fields and is a natural refuge for thousands of people. So, let's visit Zagreb, Sisak and Slavonski Brod by following the Sava River in Croatia.

The upper part of the Kupa River on Croatia rivers map, is one of the most beautiful destinations of Croatia rivers for fly fishing in Croatia. The dominant fish species in the Kupa Valley are Common Shadow, Fario Trout and Huchon on Croatia rivers. The Kupa River of Croatia rivers emerges from a karstic resurgence located in the Risnjak National Park, right in the heart of Gorski Kotar.

Croatia mountains map

Map of Croatia mountains

The mountains in Croatia map shows the principal mountains with their names in Croatia. The mountains map of Croatia will allow you to find the main mountains ranges and highest mountains of Croatia in Southern Europe. The Croatia mountains map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Cetina of Croatia mountains on Croatia mountains map: Length: 105 kilometers, catchment area: 1,463 km², average flow: 105 m³ / s approximately. These Croatia mountains crossed: Vinalic, Jesevic, Bajagic, Sinj (6/7 km), Otok, Trilj, Blato na Cetini, Zadvarje, Kostanje, Omis. Main tributaries of Croatia mountains: Rumin, Ruda, dam: Perucko jezero.

In Croatia, hiking trails on mountains on Croatia mountains map, are marked with white round markings with a red outline. We found that the hourly indications on the panels of Croatia mountains were fast compared to France! When we hike in France and a sign announces the summit in X hours, we are sure to get there before. Here, it was just right. For example we arrived for Croatia mountains in a hurry in 1:30 as announced.

The mountains of the Republic of Croatia on Croatia mountains map, belong mainly to the Dinaric Alps; a small number of Croatia mountains are an eastern extension of the Alps, while the remaining part is part of the old landmass. The Croatia mountains are the least densely populated part of Croatia: they cover the area between central Croatia and the Adriatic coast.

Croatia climate map

Map of Croatia temperature

The Croatia climate map shows average temperature and climate zones of Croatia. This climate map of Croatia will allow you to know weather, average precipitation, average sunshine and different climates of Croatia in Southern Europe. The Croatia climate map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Various climate conditions exist in Croatia according to the zones of the country on Croatia climate map: On the coast: Mediterranean Croatia climate: more precisely the winters are soft, and the summers are very dry. Inland: continental and moderate Croatia climate: characterized by very cold winters, but summers are hot.

Croatia on Croatia climate map, is divided into two parts, each with a different climate: The interior is characterized by a continental Croatia climate, with severe winters with snowfall and negative temperatures, and very hot and stormy summers. The coastal part is characterized by a Mediterranean Croatia climate, with mild winters, hot and dry summers, and sea water at 26 ° C in summer.

First, continental climate in the lands of Croatia on Croatia climate map, Zagorje and Slavonia, which is characterized by cold Croatia climate, even freezing! Heavy snowfall is common and temperatures can remain several days below 0 ° C, so roads quickly turn into ice rinks. On the other hand, summers of Croatia climate, are hot or very hot, often with heavy thunderstorms in the evening.