You can find on this page the old map of Croatia to print and to download in PDF. The ancient Croatia map presents the past and evolutions of the country Croatia in Southern Europe.

Ancient Croatia map

Historical map of Croatia

The ancient map of Croatia shows evolutions of Croatia. This historical map of Croatia will allow you to travel in the past and in the history of Croatia in Southern Europe. The Croatia ancient map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

In 168 BC J.-C. Genthius, the last Illyrian king of Ancient Croatia , is defeated on Ancient Croatia map: the Illyrians of ancient Croatia fall under the domination of Rome. In 285, Diocletian became emperor and built the fortified palace of Split between 295 and 305. Around 625, after the fall of Rome, Slavic tribes from present-day Poland emigrated to Ancient Croatia. Meanwhile, Croatian tribes settled on the territory of present-day Croatia.

The earliest traces of human presence on Croatia ancient soil date back to the Paleolithic on Ancient Croatia map, such as objects made by the Prenandertal man, discovered in the Šandalja cave of Ancient Croatia near Pula, and Punikve around Ivanac, the remains of the man from Neanderthal of Ancient Croatia, discovered in Hušnjakov brijeg in the vicinity of Krapina, as well as objects dating from the Paleolithic of the localities of Vindija and Veternica.

Linked henceforth to Hungary by a personal union, Ancient Croatia on Ancient Croatia map, during eight centuries, will form under the crown of St. Stephen a particular ancient kingdom of Ancient Croatia having its ban and its diet. The struggle for the littoral intensifies in Ancient Croatia: the peace of Zadar (1358) gives back the coast to Hungary, but, from 1420, Venice implants in a durable way (until 1797).